KVWC - FM 103.1 & AM 1490



KVWC offers the Greenbelt area a wide array of sports coverage from high school to professional sports. As the voice of the Vernon Lions, live play by play coverage is a vital part of KVWC's programming including high school football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, track and field, golf, and tennis. KVWC also provides additional high school play by play coverage for area schools. KVWC is the voice of the Vernon College Chaparrals and Lady Chaps, the area's college baseball and fast pitch softball teams.  Several daily TSN sports programs provide scores and standings for most professional sports. 



 KVWC serves as Wilbarger County's primary electronic media source.  Fifteen minute local newscasts are prepared daily, Monday through Saturday, 7:40a and 12:45p. 



Located in the heart of rich farmland, the Greenbelt includes a large number of Ag oriented businesses.  The following schedule defines KVWC's farm programming from the VSA Radio Network.

Monday - Friday

~ 6:00A - 6:30A. . Cotton, grain, and livestock reports. Plus, insect and pest control updates.

~ 11:55A - 12:10P . . Midday report featuring commodities, cattle prices, and Ag weather conditions.

~ 10:35A, 1:35P, 2:35P, 3:35P. . Opening and closing commodity prices.   



As an affiliate of the Texas State Network, KVWC offers the Greenbelt the latest in international, national, state, and regional news each hour. 

LIVE DAILY SHOW (This, That, & the Other"


 A twenty-five minute talk show, Monday through Friday from 8:30a to 8:55a, provides listeners with timely interviews and information about local and area events. This locally produced program allows civic and community leaders to discuss relevant activities within the community. 

OLDIES, 50's and 60's


 Beginning at 6:00p every evening Monday through Saturday, KVWC takes you back to sock hops and poodle skirts with the best of sounds from the 50's and 60's.